1.What is mood ring

Mood rings, also known as color-changing rings, are made of thermochromic liquid crystals. The color-changing ring senses your temperature and tests your mood. Color changing ring gems are made of special materials and are sensitive to temperature, because when people's emotions change, their body temperature fluctuates, and rings can show different colors according to the changes in body temperature, such as: black, brown, Dark blue, green, etc. Color-changing rings are available in dozens of shapes such as hearts, various petals, and stars. The color-changing ring can penetrate deep into your heart, it is a magical test, a product for the sake of others.


2.The History Of Mood Ring

(1) Why Mood Rings Appear

Josh Reynolds and Marlon Hart created the first iteration of the mood ring in 1975 after reading about how temperature affected color in a thermometer. They wanted to create something similar for people that could be worn on their fingers so they could easily see their own emotional state. The first version of this new invention was a black ring with glass beads inside to change colors based on temperature changes, but it was very difficult to read because of the bead size. They then switched to liquid crystals which allowed them to create rings with more detailed

(2) Why mood rings are popular and making a comeback?

The mood ring was invented in the 1970s and became popular in the 1980s. It is a ring that changes colors depending on the wearer's mood. It was originally made to help people understand their emotional state and how it affects their health. The original mood rings were made of liquid crystal with a metal or plastic frame, but they are now made of glass, silicone, or plastic materials. But they're making a comeback in 2018.As they are now made of sterling silver and change color depending on your temperature. The ring will be green if you are calm, blue if you are stressed, and red if you are excited.

(3) The Story of Mood Rings in Different Countries

In the past, mood rings were considered a fad. Now, they seem  to be making a comeback. One of the reasons for this is that they are more accurate than ever before.

Mood rings are used to measure a person's mood by measuring their perspiration and skin temperature. They can also be used to predict the weather and even detect medical conditions like diabetes or epilepsy.

Different countries have different opinions on mood rings:

- In Italy, people are skeptical about whether or not these  devices actually work because they don't believe in how accurate they can be.

- In Japan, there is an association between the color of the mood ring and personality traits.

- In Russia, people believe that these devices are a good way of predicting the weather

- In China, people believe that wearing a mood ring can change one's personality and help them become more confident in themselves.

- In France, people think that wearing a mood ring is childish and should not be taken seriously because it does not show anything about one's emotional


3.Mood ring colors

(1)Why Can Mood Rings Change Colors?

The mood ring refers to a ring of "emotional gems" containing thermochromic elements, which can change the color according to the temperature of the wearer's fingers. When the ambient temperature is relatively constant, the temperature of the finger is determined by the peripheral blood flow, and the peripheral blood flow is regulated by the autonomic nervous system. The mood ring contains liquid crystal, which can change the color of the gemstone according to the temperature change.


(2)The relationship between the mood ring colors and the body

Changes in our mood can cause certain chemicals in our body to be released into our bloodstream, which can cause various reactions. That's why our heart rate changes when we're happy. When we are sad, our energy tends to decrease. These changes will be captured by our gems. When we're anxious or scared, chemicals in our body send blood to our vital organs and muscles. This is to prepare our bodies for a "fight or flight" response. The temperature of our extremities tends to drop as blood is diverted to the internal organs. The temperature of the finger also changes, as does the color of the gemstone. Mood rings can't tell you exactly your emotional state, but the crystals are calibrated to have a pleasing blue or green color at a normal resting ambient temperature of 82F (28C) for the average person. As the surrounding body temperature rises, its response to passion and happiness, the crystal twists to reflect blue. When you're excited or nervous, blood moves away from the skin and flows more to the internal organs, cooling the fingers and causing the crystals to twist in the other direction to reflect more yellow. In cold weather, or if the ring is damaged, the stone will turn dark gray or black and become unresponsive.


(3)Temperature of mood ring Colors

Red: The color of red corresponds to the temperature of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit or 482 degrees Celsius.

Blue: The color of blue corresponds to the temperature of -273 degrees Celsius or 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Green: The color of green corresponds to the temperature of 20 degrees Celsius.

Yellow: The color yellow corresponds to the temperature of 60 degrees Celsius.


4.Mood ring color meanings

(1)The Meaning Of Each Color

    Black: Stressed and tense.
    Gray: Low level anxious and nervous
    White: Frustrated and confused
    Brown: Overwhelming sense of restlessness and anticipation
    Amber of Gold:Feeling a range of emotions
    Yellow : Creative
    Pink:  Color of beginning stages of arousal and interest
    Orange: Eager to try something new
    Red: Sign of high energy
    Green: Feeling comfortable
    Blue Green: Sign of contentment and peace
    Blue: Feeling happy and social
    Dark Blue: High Level happy
    Purple: Sense of purpose and genuine clarity


 (2) Color Meanings in Different Situations

 - What does Green on a mood ring mean?

There are different answers about what the green mood ring color means. Since the green mood ring color is the result of a slightly lower body temperature, different things need to be considered when looking for cause and effect. If you're in a cooler climate, your body reacts to your surroundings, which of course results in a green to dark green mood ring. Some people may experience a green mood ring when blood circulation slows down due to inactivity for a period of time. The most frequently associated green mood ring has the most logical meaning and is a feeling of alertness or a mixture of anxiety and sensitivity. This slightly stressful and anxious bodily response can also be caused when you hear something that upsets you. That's why your heart beats and you feel warm, but your body sweats and cools you down.


- What does Blue on a mood ring mean?

Light Blue Mood Ring

The blue color on a mood ring means the wearer is calm and neutral. In a relaxed state, your body will be at a normal temperature because the room will not be too hot or too cold. Not having this standardized body temperature often results in a bluish tinge in your mood ring. This is why the meaning of the blue emotional ring is often associated with a Zen mindset, peace and tranquility. For all these reasons, blue mood rings are the most common mood ring color besides green.

Dark blue mood ring

If your blue mood ring wobbles between light and dark blue, it won't cause panic. Just like a light blue mood ring means relaxation and calm, a dark blue mood ring simply means that you are on a higher level of calm. When you are in a state of calm and serenity, get a dark blue mood ring color with just a touch of heat. It's often how we feel when we think about someone we love, or after achieving a great goal, or even when we give someone something. These all keep our bodies slightly above the prescribed temperature, which may be one of the main determinants of the color depth of the blue mood ring.


- What does Purple on a mood ring mean?

If a little warmth creates a dark blue mood ring tone, dark purple can only suggest one thing. If that warmth has grown into something grander than you expected, you can expect to see your purple mood ring revel and fall in love. We'll start with the most obvious cause first, which is also your body temperature. If you're not exercising, rushing to the post office, or lying on the beach under the scorching sun, a romantic moment will turn your mood ring purple. It means someone is brand new, very exciting and unpredictable. This often results in purple-hued mood rings, as your heart keeps beating and pumping fast when they appear. When you've been dating someone for a long time, their presence can be a constant factor of calm and serenity in your life. If you truly trust your loved ones, their presence will bring you peace. This calm state results in a dark blue emotional ring.


- What does Black on a mood ring mean?

Terrible black mood ring. As you can imagine, this is not an ideal state of being. The black emotional ring is meant to symbolize depression, fear, stress and sadness. Don't panic if your mood ring is constantly black. The most likely culprit is poor circulation. For most of January and February, your mood ring will likely remain a firm black. If you have a black emotional ring on a daily basis with no outside interference, you should consider a full physical exam. If your black emotional ring isn't a health problem, try checking how you feel about what's going on in your life. When you're stressed out, it's natural to feel your heart contract slightly. If you're stressed and anxious, try taking deep breaths and gently stretching your arms and upper body to open your chest. This will allow for deep, calm breathing and help to help your heart have that contracting feeling.


(3)Can I really believe the meanings of mood ring colors?

Of course you can, your body will never lie to you. The mood ring has no unique ingredients, its color changes will change according to your body temperature, so you can trust your mood ring.


5.The benefits of mood rings to the body

The health benefits of wearing a mood ring are that it helps to keep track of your emotions. This can be helpful for people who have mental health issues and need to monitor their moods. Mood rings are also helpful for people with chronic pain as they can tell when their pain levels change. Some doctors believe that by understanding and being aware of your emotions, you can make better decisions, improve relationships and be happier. He also talks about what we can do to understand our emotions better and how it is possible to change them if we want to.

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