Personality Mens Mood Ring
About This RingFashionable and elegant, our mood ring is the perfect accessory for any gentleman. Whether you're in a good mood or a bad mood, it's easy to change with this fashion statement. It's unique design will get the attention...
from $89.95
Turtle Mood Ring
from $99.95
Turtle Mood Ring
About This RingIt's not surprising that people spend a lot of time worrying about their mood. What other ways are there to measure your mood? With our mood rings, you never have to worry about your feelings again. May your...
from $99.95
Star Moonstone Ring
About This RingThis beautiful sterling silver ring features a classic round moonstone. Moonstone is set in an understated setting and surrounded by petals for a glamorous look. This gemstone ring is for those who want to be reminded to trust...
from $99.95
Dragonfly Mood Necklace
About This NecklaceBreathe in the color, feel the state of mind, and keep your mood in tune with this sterling silver color changing mood necklace. Dazzling dragonfly adorns the silver chain to evoke a sense of magic and mystery. The necklace...
Star of Beauty Mood Ring
About This RingA Mood Ring in Sterling Silver is a perfect gift for any occasion. The Mood Ring is a soft and delicate ring which is light on the finger and the perfect accessory to complete any outfit. Your Mood...
from $99.95
Fishbone Mood Ring
About This RingPut your finger in it, you'll know what mood you are in. Mood Rings are an amazing way to express yourself. The striking and persuasive sterling silver Mood Ring is a classic piece that will never go out of...
Tear Drop Moonstone Ring
About This RingThis elegant Tear Drop moonstone ring is set in sterling silver and showcases a large, round-faceted moonstone. This piece of jewelry offers a simple sophistication that can be worn day or night. The gemstone is moonstone which is...
Vintage Boho Moonstone Ring
About This RingThis vintage moonstone ring is made with a sterling silver band. The stone is natural and has the luster of pearls and the clarity of diamonds. This beautiful ring can be yours today! Detail- 925 Sterling Silver- Stone Length: ...
Owl Mood Necklace
About This NecklaceWear this Mood Necklace to get the perfect mood every time. The Lucky Owl Color Changing Mood Necklace is a sterling silver necklace that changes color based on your mood. Just wear it and tilt the Mood Necklace over...
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