Butterfly Mood Ring
About This RingOur retro, best-selling mood ring has oval-shaped color-changing gemstones set on a ring decorated with butterflies. The butterfly represents eternal love, freedom, breakthrough and rebirth, just like our ring. Our mood ring is a unique and mysterious vintage ring....
from $32.95
Dragonfly Mood Ring
About This RingDragonfly is a color changing mood ring that's made of sterling silver and designed to fit any finger. It has a special setting on the ring that can be set to give you a different experience each time...
Angel Eye Mood Ring
$89.95 $49.95
Angel Eye Mood Ring
About This RingFor the retro and hot-selling mood ring, we set an oval-shaped color-changing gemstone on the slightly blackened sterling silver ring. The overall design looks like two parallel worlds bypassing the center of the universe and finally intersect each...
$89.95 $49.95
Retro Cute Mood Ring
About This RingOur retro, best-selling mood ring is an oval-shaped color-changing gem set on a sterling silver setting with a croissant pattern that is a good symbol of the tendency of the balance to be the winner.This ring is suitable...
$89.95 $59.95
Eagle of Freedom Mood Ring
About This RingA large oval-shaped color-changing gemstone is inlaid on a sterling silver ring setting with an eagle pattern. The eagle symbolizes freedom, strength, bravery and victory, just like this ring embodies the style.This mood ring is suitable for some...
Owl Mood Necklace
About This NecklaceWear this Mood Necklace to get the perfect mood every time. The Lucky Owl Color Changing Mood Necklace is a sterling silver necklace that changes color based on your mood. Just wear it and tilt the Mood Necklace over...
Dragonfly Mood Necklace
About This NecklaceBreathe in the color, feel the state of mind, and keep your mood in tune with this sterling silver color changing mood necklace. Dazzling dragonfly adorns the silver chain to evoke a sense of magic and mystery. The necklace...
Turtle Mood Ring
from $99.95
Turtle Mood Ring
About This RingIt's not surprising that people spend a lot of time worrying about their mood. What other ways are there to measure your mood? With our mood rings, you never have to worry about your feelings again. May your...
from $99.95
Mermaid Mood Ring
About This RingOur best-selling, compact mood ring, we set a small round color-changing gemstone on a sterling silver ring with a variety of materials on the surface, and match the tail of the ring with a fish tail, which is...
from $47.97
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