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How Do Mood Rings Work

Let your emotions reflect through the color of the mood ring.

A mood ring is a wearable piece of jewellery that is supposed to measure your emotional state and changes in color to reflect the wearer's mood. The rings change color based on your body temperature and perspiration.

Mood ring is a uniquely designed piece of jewelry that has been around for centuries. It was originally made to tell people how they were feeling inside. They would wear the ring on their index finger and it would change colors based on their moods. Nowadays, they are used as an indicator of your physical health and emotional well-being which has led to its current popularity with millennials and even celebrities.

It was thought that the temperature of the skin would be able to make colored light scatter. When this light reflects off of the different tissues in your body, it will correspond to what kind of mood you are currently feeling. It was also thought that artisans could then use this information in their jewelry making process, as they knew what kind of mood they were trying to convey with their designs.

How the mood ring can change colors.

First, the mood ring refers to a ring of "emotional gems" containing thermochromic elements, which can change the color according to the temperature of the wearer's fingers. When the ambient temperature is relatively constant, the temperature of the finger is determined by the peripheral blood flow, and the peripheral blood flow is regulated by the autonomic nervous system. The mood ring contains liquid crystal, which can change the color of the gemstone according to the temperature change.

On the other hand, changes in our mood will cause certain chemicals in the body to be released into our blood, which will cause a variety of reactions. This is why our heart rate changes when we are happy. When we are sad, our energy tends to decrease. These changes will be captured by our gems. When we are anxious or afraid, the chemicals in our body transfer blood to our vital organs and muscles. This is to prepare our bodies for the "fight or flight" response. As blood is transferred to internal organs, the temperature of our limbs tends to drop. The temperature of the finger will also change, and the color of the gemstone will change.

One of the main indicators of the color of the mood ring is temperature. Our normal body temperature is 98.6 F. Any emotional changes will cause your body temperature to rise or fall. Because our mood ring contains thermophilic liquid crystal with a protective coating. They are placed in the ring or on the belt. Once a person's mood changes, it will cause a change in body temperature, and the thermophilic liquid crystal will respond to the temperature change, which will cause the color of the ring to change.

This is the working principle of our ring/necklace. It is a kind of "magic" with scientific basis and sense of technology.

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