Four Tears Mood Necklace
About This NecklaceThe mood ring phenomenon will never go out of style. This classic teardrop color changing mood necklace in sterling silver is a perfect gift, but nothing says I love you more than one in your favorite color! Each rainbow,...
Boho Waterdrop Mood Ring
$89.95 from $69.95
Boho Waterdrop Mood Ring
About This RingThe best-selling, simple mood ring, inlaid a drop-shaped color-changing gemstone on a sterling silver ring of different materials, plus diamonds around the gemstone, the reflection in the sun is like a real water droplet.This ring is suitable for...
$89.95 from $69.95
Waterdrop Mood Necklace
About This NecklaceOur retro mood necklace embeds a drop-shaped color-changing gemstone on a sterling silver ring. The pattern on the gemstone and the ring makes the whole look like a fish. The fish means peace, happiness, beauty, and wealth.This ring is...
Tear Drop Moonstone Ring
About This RingThis elegant Tear Drop moonstone ring is set in sterling silver and showcases a large, round-faceted moonstone. This piece of jewelry offers a simple sophistication that can be worn day or night. The gemstone is moonstone which is...
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